Relationships in Rhythm

Relationships in Rhythm

Relationships in Rhythm – hosted by Dr. Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

Relationships in Rhythm is a live show to guide the listener in cultivating more compassionate and loving relationships with self, others, and everything in the universe.  We all want to connect.  This show offers guidance to create more unity with self and others, as well as connection with energies beyond ourselves.

Dr. Lisa Templeton, an American clinical psychologist and founder of The Interpersonal Healing Center, offers her expertise on self-care, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and spirituality, as well as relationship dynamics and how they are all connected.   As a musician, Dr. Lisa integrates aspects of music as metaphor for understanding some of the complexities of relationships and the underlying rhythms going on under the radar of our awareness.    Let’s bring our awareness to be more conscious of the vibrations deep within ourselves.  We can each work to unify and heal our relationship with self, each other, our countries, our planet, and all elements within it!

Each show will offer:

1) An introduction of how to traverse these relationships with ourselves and others

2) A brief time to slow down and breathe together

3) Information on a particular relationship topic or answering a question from a listener

4) Practices and questions to ask yourself for reflection.

Learn more about Dr. Lisa at or

You can contact her at or follow her on Facebook at Log into Facebook


Relationships in Rhythm

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