Melinda Peto

Who are the change-makers of Gaia?  

We live in a time of transformation on planet Earth.  Reset is a program interviewing the ones that are dedicating their hearts to radical change, the embodied listeners and those whose life paths are shifting consciousness. 

We are planetary beings all experiencing existence collectively and yet so separately with various frames of reference.  This show hosted by Melinda Peto interviews individuals who are reshaping and resetting the world we live in showing our commonality with each other and Mother Earth.


Melinda Peto is devoted to the study of consciousness.  She works as an executive in the corporate world and has an educational background in communications and journalism.  Ms. Peto is an avid writer, has travelled globally studying various metaphysical and religious traditions.  Ms. Delmonico is a heart-centered facilitator and change-maker working towards shifting global challenges.


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